If you’re anything like me, I absolutely hate getting into a car that is nearly 150 degrees F. Burning my legs on the seat, a steering wheel so hot I can hardly use it, sweating profusely ruining my clothes and not being fresh when I arrived, and then it takes so long to cool a car down from 150+ degrees.
I’ve explored several solutions, some exceptionally complex to those that seem so simple anyone should have thought of this years or even decades ago.

I looked into building a circuit that would monitor the outside air temperature and if the interior temp got more than 10-15 degrees hotter, the circuit would turn on your car’s a/c fan (not the air conditioner itself) to circulate outside are into the car to cool it down back close to ambient outside air. Too complicated and would require a mechanic to install.

Looked at a small solar powered window unit that would pump the inside hot air outside bringing in cooler outside air. Couldn’t get enough power to move enough air, so that was out.

Then I started looking at these millions of “sun shades” that everyone puts “inside” the windshield. I have not one but two of these and they didn’t seem to make much difference except that I could actually touch my steering wheel without it burning my hands. What NEVER made sense was why I’d think letting the hot sunshine through the windshield and THEN try to keep my interior cool was a good idea, which it turns out isn’t that great of an idea but kudos to the marketing efforts that have sold millions of almost worthless sunshades in spite of the fact that my tests show that after about 5 hours its just as hot as if you didn’t have one at all.

Hence, my latest idea and proof of concept, the Shade4Utm. My tag line or service mark is Park in the shade every day, every where!sm
Covers for not JUST the front windshield but ALSO the rear window where a ton of sunshine comes in to heat your car unabated.

My initial tests are showing that it could reduce the temperature inside your car after sitting all day in the hot sun by as much as 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. How sweet is that?

And they only take 60-90 seconds to put on. Literally as quickly as you can walk around your car, they’re in place.

Visit my new website to see the “results” of some of my testing as well as other images of the Shade4Utm covers at

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