Pickleball Court EZ Layout Tool

The first time “we” laid out a pickleball court on the tennis court nearby was an adventure. With an engineer, a 100 foot tape measure and a calculator, it was chaotic to say the least but after about 45 minutes, mission accomplished.

When it came time to do it again because after the rains, our tape came up, I thought it would be easier…WRONG! Same chaos.

That’s when I decided to utilize my God-given talent and make this more efficient. The result, the Pickleball Court EZ Layout Tool. A paper template with color markings, a 25 foot webbing strap with grommets and corresponding color codes, and a piece of chalk which now allows 2 people to layout an entire court and put down tape all in about 15-20 minutes.

The kit which includes the template, the color coded webbing, step by step instruction guide, and a couple pieces of chalk is just $29.95 plus $10.95 S&H.

3 thoughts on “Pickleball Court EZ Layout Tool

  • stnick007

    During this unprecedented time of “lockdown” due to the #COVID19, people are being creative to get out and get some exercise. I’ve played on a court laid out in a cul-de-sac recently because all of our parks now have locks on them.
    This is a quick note giving additional instruction for laying out a court that is NOT on a tennis court.
    1) Lay down a 21 foot strip of tape as a replacement for the service line we demonstrate in the video.
    2) Mark the center point on the tape you just laid down to start from
    3) Make all the 11 marks as illustrated in the guideline sheet.
    4) Move the template corner to the starting point with the edge perfectly lined up with the tape so you now essentially have a square for alignment
    5) Take the strap with the color marking and run it from along the edge of the template out to the other kitchen line and make a mark on the line for the next starting point.
    6) Move the template to the far kitchen line starting point and make 9 marks similar to what you just did, you won’t need to make the center net and far kitchen lines.
    7) Take the strapping, center on each sideline kitchen out to the corresponding sideline corner and mark with the blue position, do this for all 4 corners.
    8) Take the strapping to each corner, run across the end to the center line and with the yellow position, mark the center line at each end.
    9) That should be all the marks you need, now lay down the tape and congratulations, you now have the layout of a temporary pickleball court.

  • Steve Liske

    Very ingenious system! Well done!
    Another common pickleball court layout is slightly different than the one created by your system. This alternative layout is typically used for pickleball lines that are painted. With this layout, both kitchen lines painted, and the one closest to the tennis net is 2′ away from (outside of) the tennis service line. Have you considered making a version of your system that could be utilized for this type of a layout?

  • Steve Elgersma

    We are considering putting two courts on an already existing tennis court, but opposite to the tennis court configuration with the tennis net separating the two courts. So the pickleball courts would be perpendicular to the tennis court. Have you seen this done? Would it be confusing with the lines already on the court for tennis? Would your device work just fine for that procedure?

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