Mortgage Cancelator™

“The most INGENIOUS way to pay off a mortgage that you’ve ever seen”sm

Most people have lost all hope of ever getting out from under the stress of a mortgage. The Mortgage Cancelator™ restores that hope and gives people significant additional benefits as well.

The Mortgage Cancelator™ utilizes just 3 extra payments per year into a specially designed financial instrument that the wealthiest people in the world have been leveraging for over 250 years.

Imagine your monthly loan payment is $1,110 per month on a $227,000 mortgage, putting just $300/month into this special financial instrument, you could pay off your mortgage 6-9 years faster, save $90,000+ in monthly payments to someone else, save over $42,000 in interest to the bank or mortgage company, accumulated $145k in cash, and protected against chronic or long term illnesses with over $200k, $230k+ in terminal illness benefits and even $150k+ in specified medical coverage for things like heart attacks and strokes, and finally at age 65 have almost $300k in tax free death benefits .

Mortgage Cancelator Results

Most people think about Life Insurance in terms of “Death Benefits”, we’ve leveraged a specially designed Whole Life insurance policy written with a “mutual” company meaning no stockholders because the policy holders are the real stock holders that share in tax free dividends, plus a company that is a non-direct recognition company meaning that the dividends are never decreased just because you have a loan out against the cash values of the policy. This turns the tables on traditional life insurance ideas and now it becomes an instrument with “Living Benefits“.

Watch our 14 minute mortgage educational video that shows you how you can leverage this system and then have us run the Cancelator™ and show you EXACTLY what it can do for you. Click Here now!

With just 9 pieces of information from you, our highly trained Mortgage Cancelator™ Agents can show you the power of this new system and how it will apply to your specific situation, no smoke and mirrors, no bait and switch, just transparency and math, math that doesn’t lie.

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