Los Angeles County Tax Accessor Y2K

In 1998 doing Y2K cleanup at the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office. Was tasked with evaluating the code for any Y2K potential problems.

    • While at Disney, Nicholas had to certify that DTP’s program was Y2K compliant, so developed a Y2K analysis program to analyze every line of code in a FoxPro project, automatically replace certain types of known problem codes with new compliant code and generate a printout of every date related code. Utilizing the new Y2K Solutions program, Nicholas was able to take the first task which had been slated for 4 days and accomplish it in just 3 hours, including setting up the certification lab. Overall, was able to reduce 12 months of slated tasks to just 12 weeks.

    • After finding Y2K errors in Symantec’s ACT databases, I contacted them about partnering with me and gave them a program encrypted and compiled demo disc. Miraculously, Symantec came out later with 3 of the 5 modules in a Y2K program doing exactly as I had demonstrated to them.

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