Mortgage Cancelator™

"The most INGENIOUS way to pay off a mortgage that you've ever seen"sm Most people have lost all hope of ever getting out from under the stress of a mortgage. The Mortgage Cancelator™ restores that hope and gives people significant additional benefits as well. The Mortgage Cancelator™ utilizes just 3 extra payments per year into a specially designed financial instrument that the wealthiest people in the world have been leveraging for over 250 years. Imagine your monthly loan payment is $1,110 per month on a $227,000 mortgage, putting just $300/month into this special financial instrument, you could pay off your mortgage 6-9 years faster, save $90,000+ in monthly payments to someone else, save over $42,000 in interest to the bank or mortgage company, accumulated $145k in cash, and protected against…
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Pickleball Court EZ Layout Tool

Pickleball, Results
The first time "we" laid out a pickleball court on the tennis court nearby was an adventure. With an engineer, a 100 foot tape measure and a calculator, it was chaotic to say the least but after about 45 minutes, mission accomplished. When it came time to do it again because after the rains, our tape came up, I thought it would be easier...WRONG! Same chaos. That's when I decided to utilize my God-given talent and make this more efficient. The result, the Pickleball Court EZ Layout Tool. A paper template with color markings, a 25 foot webbing strap with grommets and corresponding color codes, and a piece of chalk which now allows 2 people to layout an entire court and put down tape all in about 15-20 minutes. The…
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