Disney Travel Products

In 1996 at the Disney Travel Products (DTP) division, Nicholas was hired to automate the process of artwork approval for products that would have Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, etc. on them. The charter for DTP was for just 16 people total. The corresponding group in the Consumer Products division had 30 data entry people, so automation was a must.

    • Nicholas developed a FoxPro program that could read the then in beta version Adobe Acrobat’s pdf files, extract the data, route it to the next inbox, write back into the pdf form with a sequence number and automatically email it using cc:mail back to the sender, all without one single data entry keystroke. The Consumer Products division boasted of being able to get in a new form, catalog it and assign a sequence number to it, all in less than 30 seconds. The DTP program could process 10 such forms in 2 seconds, a 150x improvement.

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